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Renewed hope as biotech heads into 2024.

An atmosphere of cautious optimism emerged from JPM, according to Atlas Venture’s Aimee Raleigh, as biotech in 2024 looks to be bolstered by mergers and acquisitions in these key therapeutic sectors: obesity, immunology, oncology, and neurology.

X wants to take on LinkedIn for recruiting

There are over 750,000 positions posted on X Hiring, less than six months after the job listings element of the app was launched. It was quietly unveiled in August 2023—whether it will become a significant player in the recruiting landscape remains to be seen.

10 clinical trials to watch in the first half of 2024

Study results from Vertex, Alnylam and Roche could either speed or stall biotech’s recent momentum.

Upcoming FDA Decision Dates (PDUFAs)

Here is a rundown of the FDA’s forthcoming dates for new drug approvals.

After the optimism of JPM, has reality returned?

As of January 18, the XBI, an index of biotech stocks, is down 2% for the year. The hopeful sentiments that emerged from JPM, and many of its winners, like Cytokinetics, are now facing significant losses. The volatility of biotech so far this year suggests that investors may approach 2024 with more caution than the discourse coming out of JPM Week suggests.

Graph: percent change in life science employment vs expenses for R&D

This Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED) graph indicates that it’s becoming more expensive to develop drugs. However, advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML) and automation may change this.

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