Issue 2: Q2 2024

Easy-to-use tools to streamline your work day.

Natalie Zimmerman

By: Natalie Zimmerman

Natalie Zimmerman writes and coordinates the social media content for BioHire, and is an occasional writer for the Journal. She is also a Marketing Associate at Recruiting, building social media, blog, and newsletter content for the company.

Recruiters live busy lives – from client meetings to application screening to candidate calls, it’s easy to feel overscheduled. It’s crucial, therefore, to stay on top of your schedule so nothing falls through the cracks.

Read below for a selection of scheduling and productivity apps we recommend to simplify the way you schedule and streamline your overall workflow:

1. Calendly

Tech Tools Image 1 for Calendly

Jeff Caskey, the founder and Managing Director of Nexagen Search, relies on Calendly to simplify and save time scheduling meetings and calls.

While Calendly has many capabilities, Jeff finds the following aspects most useful:

  • The simplicity of the user interface.
  • The option to drop Calendly links directly into LinkedIn messages.
  • The ease of integrating Google Teams links into scheduled meetings.
  • The ability to match up times to schedule calls, reschedule last minute when needed, and block off certain times in his day to have more control over his schedule.

2. Doodle

Tech Tools Image 2 Doodle

Take control of your calendar and simplify your scheduling process with Doodle:

  • The site boasts a simple and user-friendly interface.
  • It has various pricing options tailored to either individuals or teams.
  • Doodle’s group polls are particularly helpful for larger teams with busy schedules, making it easy to find a time to meet when everyone is free.
  • With the ability to customize branding as well, it’s seamless to integrate Doodle into your company’s existing framework.

Catherine Ball, Operations Associate at Recruiting, appreciates the versatility and simplicity of Doodle:

With direct integration to Teams, Outlook, Google, Zoom and more, it makes finding a time everyone can meet simple! Setting up group polls is also a unique feature that allows the team to pick which times are most convenient to meet.

3. Mailsuite

Mailsuite is a simple but useful tool that allows you to keep track of outgoing email:

  • See when and how often your emails are opened.
  • Send email campaigns directly from your Gmail, and share secure documents with added security measures.
  • Get reminders based on email tracking insights for when it’s time to get back in touch with a client or candidate.

Mike Cordaro, Senior Recruiting Partner at Recruiting, uses Mailsuite to streamlined and personalize his email communication:

“One of the biggest complaints I hear from contacts is they don’t know who’s … a real person vs. what is being automated. Mailsuite ensures that my messages not only land with accuracy, but allows me to make sure my personal touch is there to help build long lasting relationships”.